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Web Servers Issue 2010
Ire Ipr1

Structure of iron regulatory protein 1 complexed with ferritin IRE-RNA.(PDB: 2IPY)

Welcome to the SIREs server v2.0 what's new

The SIREs (searching for IREs) web server will predict iron-responsive elements in RNA or DNA sequences based on a sequence searcher Perl program.

To get more information about iron-responsive elements prediction algorithm and the iron regulatory proteins/iron-responsive elements regulatory system, please go to the Documentation section


HELP: Interactive vs Batch Serves
Use the interactive mode to submit less than 50000 residues for a detailed results and graphical representation of your IREs. If you have a large set of sequences use the batch mode. Close


>Mouse Ferritin H (NM_010239) 1-240


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